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I used to suffer with anxiety and panic and, following my sessions with Dan, have found these feelings are no longer there. Recently I was able to get up and sing karaoke without any of the old panic, shaking or stress that would have been there before.
Date of Posting: 14 May 2012
Posted By: Rachel
It's been nearly three months and I'm pleased to report all good here, have not smoked since our session, thanks for your help.
Date of Posting: 14 May 2012
Posted By: Cathy
I had been suffering with a phobia of all medically related places, people and procedures of any kind before I saw Daniel. I actually called Daniel after a traumatic skiing accident, I had just got back in the country and he came the same day as I was consumed with anxiety.

I was absolutely amazed at how much changed just in one afternoon (so were the people around me), he gave me the confidence to go to the gps and to even talk through my accident. The key things that were identified was that I needed to feel in control and have confidence in myself.

I saw Daniel again a few weeks later as I was worrying about the treatment from my accident, we tried lots of different things and in the end I managed to feel a sense of acceptance. By the time I met my consultant I was hoping for the best but managed to see that whatever the outcome was I could get through it.

It feels so fantastic to have the weight lifted from me and I find it very hard to explain to people how exactly Daniel managed to do that. I just feel now, as Daniel would say, that 'I can do whatever I want to do'! That was our aim and it is being shown to be true already in obstacles that would have thrown me that I have now been able to face.

I think I also found comfort from the fact that if I discovered that part of the phobia was still lingering that I could just arrange to see him again, having great faith that he would guide me through and help disperse the problem.

Its been quite a journey as I had this phobia from childhood and now I am needing to learn what is a normal reaction and what is something more than that. It's like starting afresh!
Date of Posting: 11 May 2012
Posted By: Emma
Was originally dreading the thought of my final exams, because of self confidence and a fear of failing. But Dan taught me how to combat these fears and show that im stronger, smarter and braver than I ever thought I was before.
Date of Posting: 01 May 2012
Posted By: Toby Walker
I went to Dan with a fear of public speaking, and a best man speech looming on the horizon. After several sessions, including general therapy, hypnosis and NLP, and using some simple but useful techniques Dan showed me, I was able to calm my nerves and managed to perform on the day. I also have a generally more positive outlook and increased confidence in day to day things.
Thanks Dan!
Date of Posting: 20 April 2012
Posted By: DG
The first hurdle was accepting I needed help to deal with my problem, the second, actually having the courage to open up to someone which was very hard but I am so glad I did. Dan immediately addressed the ‘bigger picture’ focussing on how I wanted to see myself in the future over how I would be if things didn’t change. I no longer drink alcohol (and I truly never ever thought I’d hear those words coming from my mouth) and I am a far, far happier, healthier and much more contented and balanced person. Thank you so much Dan.
Date of Posting: 16 April 2012
Posted By: KW
Had a great four sessions with Dan to ease my panic attacks. Feeling so much better now - thank goodness...
Date of Posting: 16 April 2012
Posted By: David
Going to Dr Dan (Daniel Regan) has really had a positive effect on my depression and anxiety. I have learned some very helpful coping skills. He is extremely personable and caring; all my visits were helpful and positive.
Date of Posting: 04 April 2012
Posted By: Shona Jamadi
I went to the dentist yesterday as discussed and had the filling needed. It was better than times in the past, I even said to my dentist once out of the chair that it wasn't as bad as I expected and I left the place with a smile on my very numb face.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2012
Posted By: Michael
I first visited Dan back in Dec 2011, to see if he could help ‘ straighten my brain out’. Previously to seeing Dan, I was normally such a confident person, but life had delivered a few hard knocks over the years and my confidence, self belief and positivity were at an all time low. I didn’t want to resort to pills, so sought a holistic method to sort my issues out. I found Dan after googling 'NLP' and to be honest I haven’t looked back.

I recall my first session with Dan and being hyper critical of what I considered to be mumbo jumbo, I remember saying to him ‘ so is this like voodoo magic then?’

Well to be honest, it kind of is.......in that I have no idea how it works, but frankly I don’t care, it just does. Yes, I still have bad days when negative thoughts creep in, but unlike before, these thoughts are fleeting and always replaced by thoughts and feelings of positivity.

Dan has helped me regain the person who I thought I had lost and now helps me with my future goals – I see him once every few weeks to top up my positive batteries and would whole heartly recommended him.
Date of Posting: 12 March 2012
Posted By: Kate

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