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How to end your Panic Attacks…


If you have ever had a panic attack then you will know that it can seem to strike out of nowhere and feel like you have lost control.


The physical symptoms of panic attacks include breathing problems, seating, shaking, a racing mind, dizziness and stomach discomfort.


You may also feel like you have lost control, are having some sort of heart attack/stroke and may worry about other people noticing what is happening.


Using hypnotherapy, you can start to regain control over how you feel and end panic attacks.


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Had a great four sessions with Dan to ease my panic attacks. Feeling so much better now - thank goodness.


Fear and panic can be a good thing – in the right context. If you are in a dangerous situation then it’s important that your flight or fight instinct kicks in automatically.


However, sometimes our panic attacks start to kick in when we arne’t acutually in danger – it’s like our minds have decided that we are so stressed and anxious that we must be in danger.


And once you have experienced panic in a certain situation, that panic can attach itself to the same or similar situations in the future. You can start to fear the fear itself.


With hypnotherapy for panic attacks, you can learn to let go of the panic and anxiety you currently experience so that you can do the things that you want to do in a calm, relaxed way.


I could never go anywhere on my own. I would fear getting out of my car to go into my house, walking in the dark, being attacked in and out of my home, the list is endless. This has changed my life, I can now enjoy and relax being on my own at home and pop into town whenever I want. Thank you so much.


Your partner in helping you start feeling better…


I'd like you to come and meet me for an initial 30 minute consultation at absolutely no cost. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can chat about how hypnotherapy can help you end your panic attacks.


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Appointments take place at Ely Hypnotherapy Centre, Frist Floor, 3A Lynn Road, Ely.


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I used to suffer with anxiety and panic and, following my sessions with Dan, have found these feelings are no longer there


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Book your free 30 minute initial hypnotherapy consultation - call 01353 669941



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