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After just four hypnotherapy sessions, one recent client wrote:


“I could never go anywhere on my own. I would fear getting out of my car to go into my house, walking in the dark, being attacked in and out of my home, the list is endless. This has changed my life, I can now enjoy and relax being on my own at home and pop into town whenever I want. My family and I have noticed big changes. Thank you so much.”


Anxiety and panic attacks are one of the most common reasons that people come and see me for help. Before they experience the benefits of hypnotherapy, anxiety sufferers often felt that the anxiety controlled them and limited their lifestyle.


I recently worked with a hypnotherapy client in Cambridge who was trapped in a cycle of anxiety and panic attacks. She would check if anyone else was in the car several times on a journey, would wake in the night thinking there was someone breaking in and she would avoid going out anywhere on her own.


Another recent client in Ely told me about how his anxiety would simmer in the background and would build up into a full blown panic attack. He would worry excessively about making mistakes at work and could feel the effects of a panic attack for many days after it had happened.


Several people have also come to see me recently to let go of anxiety and panic attacks in specific situations such as when visiting the dentist, giving presentations or when they need to have an injection.


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Do you suffer with anxiety and panic attacks?


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Ely Mind Coaching & Hypnotherapy: Successful hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP in Ely, Newmarket & Cambridge for anxiety and panic attacks.


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