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Hypnotherapy to end Excessive Drinking


How to regain control over your drinking:


Has your excessive drinking or binge drinking become a problem? Ever wish you could just have one or two drinks and stop there? You may even plan to limit your drinking yet somehow things just lead you to having more and more.


I've worked with clients who find themselves drinking alcohol every day and just can't stop it. They may have started having a drink in the evening to relax and now they need that drink to help them unwind. Some even look forward to it all day.


I've also worked with those who hit the booze big time and binge drink on a Friday and Saturday night. Often they tell me how they lose half their weekend to recovering or feeling sluggish.


Hypnotherapy can help you regain your sense of control and comfort around alcohol and drinking – giving you back the choice over how much and when you drink.


Take that first step with a FREE initial consultation - call me personally on 07724 155715


I no longer drink alcohol (and I truly never ever thought I’d hear those words coming from my mouth) and I am a far, far happier, healthier and much more contented and balanced person. Thank you so much Dan


A lot of my clients struggle to break the habits and dependency they have developed with drinking alcohol.


Whatever they tell themselves they may still find themselves having a drink, popping to the shop and buying alcohol or being unable to say no when with others.


There are many indicators that your drinking may have become a problem including:

  • Regularly planning to not/hardly drink then being unable to stop yourself

  • Binge drinking once or twice a week

  • Feeling the need to drink every/most nights to help you relax and deal with things

  • Waking up the next morning and being unable to remember all that happened

  • Bed wetting

  • Being overly focused on your drink rather than what else is going on

  • Obsessing about your next drink

  • Problems at work caused by lateness, tiredness or too many sick days

  • Feelings of depression, worthlessness or anger after drinking

  • Relationship problems caused by your drinking

  • Drinking more to get the same effect

  • Health problems caused by your drinking


Imagine how good it would feel to be able to choose how often, how many and when you drink, taking it or leaving it depending on what you wanted to do at the time. What would it mean to you to have that choice?


Without any conscious thought at all, it all changed. I have had half a lager in the two weeks and loving all the exercise I can get. So it is my belief that you definitely have unlocked something within me and I am pleased I came to see you.


Your partner in helping you regain control over drinking…


I'd like you to come and meet me for an initial 30 minute consultation at absolutely no cost. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can chat about how hypnotherapy can help you end your excessive drinking or binge drinking.


If you’d like to take your first step towards changing your life for the better, please call me on my personal mobile number 07724 155715 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Hypnotherapy for excessive drinking in Ely: Call 01353 669941


Appointments take place at Ely Hypnotherapy Centre, First Floor, 3A Lynn Road, Ely.


Hypnotherapy for excessive drinking in Newmarket: call 01638 669933


Sessions at White Tara Complementary Health & Beauty Centre, 7 All Saints Road, Newmarket.


I finished my therapy I felt like I had been cleansed inside and out and couldn't stop smiling. I try to test myself and make myself think bad things but something inside me steps in and makes me feel good. I would definitely recommend this therapy; it has made a huge difference to me and I now enjoy my life rather than worry about it.



Come and find out how I can start helping you feel better:


Book your free 30 minute initial hypnotherapy consultation - call 07724 155715



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Has your excessive drinking become a problem?


For more information about hypnosis, NLP and hypnotherapy for excessive drinking and binge drinking please contact me on 07724 1551715 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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