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How To Achieve Weight Loss


If you’ve been watching ‘Secret Eaters’ on Channel 4, you’ll have seen that each episode they follow around some people who want to lose weight to check what they are eating and when. Usually the people involved start the programme by saying how they can’t understand why they are overweight as they eat a healthy diet and avoid snacking or drinking too much.


What they often find is a great disparity between how much people think they are eating and how much they actually eat in reality. In most cases there isn’t any intention to deceive, it’s simply that when we do something so often (like eating), we don’t necessarily pay attention to or register what we put in our mouths. I’m guessing that most people reading this couldn’t definitely state what and how much they have eaten over the last few days without missing out some things.


That’s why when I’m working with weight loss clients THE first thing we work on is:


Making eating conscious


If you want to manage your weight then you need to know what you are eating and drinking and when so that you can make the changes that move you towards health and happiness.


You only have to watch people eating popcorn at the cinema, watching TV, talking on the phone or staring blankly into space while eating, to recognise that they aren’t paying any attention to how much they are eating or when they have had enough. They are on auto pilot.


And when we are on auto pilot doing something that we regularly do, we don’t notice exactly what we are doing or the choices we are making (we may also do it very quickly).


That’s why you need to make weight loss conscious until you are doing things in a new way that enables you to eat the right amount and feel good as the weight drops off effortlessly.


So the first step I always recommend with weight loss is starting a food diary – and then keeping an honest written record of what you eat and when (and if it helps, how you were feeling at the time). You can then review this to identify when you may be tempted to snack etc and what on (e.g. is it always in the evening when you are bored, is it when you are stressed? etc).


Some tips taken from the programme are:


  • Keep ‘treat’ foods out of sight – when you can’t see them you are less likely to be tempted.


  • In any situation where you may be graze on snacks, use the other hand to the one you normally would. Just making this change means you will consume less.


  • Consider using a smaller plate to find out how large a role your eyes make in your eating decisions (you may be surprised as to how the same portion looks so much smaller on a larger plate and may encourage you to think you haven’t had enough).


In addition:


  • Do something different when in the past you would have been bored or snacked (when not hungry). Instead of going to the kitchen, keep busy and do something different, whether it’s a hobby, housework or going for a short walk.


  • Drink more water – it’s impossible to tell the difference between hunger and thirst so have a glass of water and wait for a few minutes to check whether you really are hungry.


  • Find time to relax – if you use food as a sticking plaster to try and make you feel a bit better then make sure you find 15-20 minutes a day to relax and unwind.


For more tips and advice, come along for a free initial consultation and find out more about how weight loss hypnotherapy could help you start feeling better soon.


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