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Ten Ways to Overcome Insomnia

I recently worked with a client who had suffered with insomnia for well over seven years.


Every night he would wake at about 3.30am and his head would be so full of thoughts that he couldn’t get back to sleep for a very long time. It had happened so many times that he had almost come to expect to have sleep problems and to feel tired and below his best during the day.


There are many aspects involved in our sleeping routines, from when we go to bed and how comfortable our bedroom is, to the thoughts that go through our heads as we try to fall asleep and what we do if we do wake up.


After just three sessions, his problem was completely gone. He was able to go to bed and sleep through until it was time to get up. Or, if he did wake up in the early hours, he could quickly and easily get back off to sleep again.


He told me he felt better than he could remember and more refreshed, energised and healthier with each passing night.


If you have trouble with sleeping then follow these ten tips:


Ten ways to overcome insomnia:


1. Only go to bed when you feel sleepy

If you don’t feel sleepy yet then don’t go to bed. Your body will let you know the right time so there’s no need to lie in bed wide awake wondering when sleep may arrive or thinking you ‘should’ be asleep.


2. Reduce caffeine

Especially in the afternoon/evening. Drink something else or caffeine free varieties.


3. Make sure that your bed is comfortable

You may spend seven or more hours a night in bed so make sure that your bed is comfortable. Many people are happy to spend hundreds of pounds to get a comfy bed for a week on holiday yet don’t want to spend much less on improving the bed they spend most of the year sleeping in.


4. Regular exercise

Regular, moderate exercise on a regular basis, such as walking, can help to reduce stress and make you physically tired, enabling you to sleep better at night.


5. Only use your bed for sleep

Keep work, watching TV, eating and anything that isn’t sleep for other rooms so that your mind can associate being in bed with sleep.


6. Turn your TV off an hour before bed

TV is designed to stimulate – otherwise no one would watch it. So make sure you turn off the TV at least an hour before you go to bed – and definitely do not have a TV in your bedroom or watch TV in bed.


7. Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol can make you feel sleepy but then affects your sleep – causing you to wake up and making you need to go to the toilet. If you are having sleep difficulties, consider cutting out alcohol all together for a few days and notice how it improves your sleep.


8. Keep a pen and paper by your bed

If you find your mind racing with thoughts when you’d rather be asleep then keep a pen and paper by your bed – jot down any important thoughts or things you need to do – and then you can forget about them knowing you’ve make a note of them.


9. Turn off your mobile

Some people keep their mobiles by their bed and even check their texts/e-mails during the night – then wonder why they can’t get back to sleep. Make sure you turn off your mobile or leave it in another room. If you use the phone for your alarm clock, then consider using a different clock.


10. No daytime naps

If you take naps during the day then it can affect your sleep at night, making it harder to get to sleep or establish a routine.


Why suffer with insomnia?


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