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Time to end procrastination?


Do you procrastinate? Is it time to stop the procrastination and get on with getting things done and achieving?


Hypnotherapy & NLP can help to remove those things that hold you back so you can move forward with motivation, happiness and confidence.


Maybe you find yourself just putting things off, like making decisions, or you just can’t get motivated to do something that seems overwhelming, boring or routine. Or maybe it’s something that carries a risk of failure or getting it wrong so you convince yourself you’ll feel more like doing it later or tomorrow.


One recent client who came to see me found that when she was at work, despite her good intentions, she couldn’t help but wander off track. She would know what work she needed to get done yet would find herself getting distracted and feeling more motivated to do other things, like looking up things on google.


She would lose chunks of her day as she looked up things about television, books, music, news and anything else that took her immediate interest.


Eventually her day would reach a sort of stressful crisis point where she had to get her work finished. All the time wasted through the day would mean she left work later that she wanted to and so had less time with her family and to do the things she wanted to do.


Using hypnotherapy she was able to easily take back control over her focus and motivation, improving her attitude to her work and still finding the time afterwards to look up all the things she wanted to find out.


As she put it:


“I had to drop you an email after my session on Google based procrastination yesterday.


Today I found myself jotting down things I might want to look up on a piece of paper, I achieved a huge amount of work very efficiently and felt fantastic.


At 4.30pm I stopped working and whizzed through the things I wanted to look up, bizarrely it took less than 15 minutes to do.


Now I know that on a day in the past all that would have eaten big chunks out of my day.


At 4.50pm I have time to email you my sincere thanks for the work in the session yesterday, I am overwhelmed at the difference it has made, not just to my time management but also to my attitude to what I need to do at my desk. And I will be leaving on the dot of 5pm in order to collect my daughter and enjoy my evening at home.”


Your mind is like a computer and, like a computer it runs programmes for all the things you do in your daily life. Each of your habits is operating right now in your mind like the programmes on a computer. By using hypnotherapy, you will be able to reprogram your mind and develop new ways of acting and thinking to help you succeed.


Want to find out more about hypnotherapy to end procrastination?


You can contact me to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation so you can find out how right hypnotherapy is for you.


Contact Dan at Ely Mind Coaching & Hypnotherapy: e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it speak to me direct on 07724 155715 or book an appointment today in Ely, Newmarket or Cambridge.


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