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Three Easy Ways To Start Feeling Better Today


Want to start feeling better than you currently do?


Whether it’s anxiety, stress, depression or just wanting to feel better than you currently do, these three techniques will help you easily start feeling better today.


1) 7/11 Breathing


If you want to feel calm and relaxed quickly and reduce stress & anxiety, then do this simple breathing exercise. The more often you practice it the more natural it will become and the calmer you can feel.


  • Sit down and close your eyes
  • Start to become aware of your breathing
  • When you are ready breathe in for a count of seven
  • And then breathe out for a count of eleven
  • Repeat 2-3 times and enjoy the relaxed feeling as it grows



Once you’ve got the habit of relaxed 7/11 breathing, you can do it anytime and anywhere with your eyes open or closed.


Whenever you feel anxious or growing stress, take a few moments and allow yourself a moment to relax.


2) Walking with Eyes Up


Exercise is well known to help you feel better by combating stress, giving you a break and making you feel good.


Whenever you want to feel good, just take a 10-15 minute brisk walk.


Have you ever noticed where you look when you walk? Often people who are low, anxious, stressed, lack confidence or are not in a good place will walk with their heads and eyes down. Their negative thoughts and feelings occupy their minds as they go along.


To break this cycle, practice walking with your eyes looking up (please be aware of trip hazards and dog poo though!) and start to notice the world around you. You may soon find you spend less time thinking about whatever the problem was and more time seeing things you hadn’t noticed until now.


3) Three things morning & night


Every morning when you wake up, think of three things you are looking forward to that day. Every night, just before you go to sleep, think of three things you achieved that day.


This changes the focus of your thoughts from problems and what needs to be done, to what you can look forward to and how much you can be pleased about having achieved.


Do these three exercises every day and you’ll soon notice start noticing the difference.


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