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Stuck in the past?


Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of stuff from the past – wherever we are with our lives right now, it’s like those memories still haunt us and we carry around all the bad feelings that go with them.


They may pop into our heads when we aren’t doing anything else and remind us of an unpleasant experience. They may even stop us from moving on and doing the things we would like to do. And they may even come flooding back with emotions like anger, sadness or guilt and seem a bit overwhelming.


Of course the best thing about the past is that it is in the past – you can’t go back and change it but it’s also over and done with. The best thing about the future is that it can be like a Hollywood movie packed with good feelings, excitement and happiness.


Yet sometimes we all need a bit of help to let go of that baggage from the past whether it’s something like:

  • Your parents split when you were younger and you haven’t really got over the unpleasantness
  • Your partner cheated on you and although you are now happy you can’t shake it off
  • You had a panic attack (or several) and now you have to avoid having another one
  • Someone close to you decided to take their own life and you still wish you had done more
  • You were embarrassed in front of others and now you worry about being around others
  • Or it could be any other memory that still re-runs in your head and makes you feel bad


The good news is that it is possible to change how your mind thinks about events – after all, you don’t have every memory popping back into your mind and you certainly don’t mind having the good times come flooding back with positivity.


So if you want to start letting go of those memories that niggle you use the following – they may not sort the entire problem but they can help you start making the shift:


  • If you are running a movie of the memory in your mind, imagine stepping out of it so you see yourself in it (like watching it on TV). Move it into the distance and shrink it down in size. Then have a happy thought or memory explode on a screen in front of you.


  • Remind yourself that the event is over and in the past so you don’t have to carry it around inside you for the rest of your life.


  • Pick some music that mismatches the memory e.g. circus music and play it (out loud or in your mind) – you won’t be able to have the emotions in the same way.


  • Go and do something – often these memories pop up when we aren’t doing anything and we can start to brood on them – so get up, move and occupy your mind constructively.



Do you know someone who needs help to move on from the past?


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