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Could you be happier?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently about how to be happy and happiness.


You only have to walk down the street to get the impression that perhaps happiness is in short supply - people with glum faces acting like the world is out to get them, not saying hello when you greet them and forgetting even the basics like please and thank you.


Now I’m not suggesting we should all go through our day acting as if everything is perfect and pretending unhappy stuff never happens. And it’s always important to pay attention to our feelings and emotions because they are generally trying to tell us something.


However, wouldn’t it be nice to feel a bit happier, more of the time?


After all, to the best of my knowledge, happiness hasn’t been rationed and the more of it there is about the better we all feel!


In fact, when people come to see me for hypnotherapy appointments, one of the things they are most often seeking is more happiness (along with calmness, confidence, control etc).


And the good news is that it’s relatively simple to start feeling happy with just some simple changes that anyone can do.


By far the easiest way to feel happy is:




It’s that easy!


And the more you smile at others the more they will smile back so you both feel a bit better and happier – but if they don’t smile back, then never mind, just find another opportunity to smile and you’ll soon notice that most people will return it right back to you.


It’s free, it’s easy and you already know how to do it!


And here’s the thing, your mind and body are intrinsically linked. If you think positive thoughts, your body starts acting in a confident, powerful way. And if you start using your body as if you are already happy (by smiling) then you’ll find your thoughts start to shift in that direction too. How good is that to know?


Here’s what I think:


Most people spend their day walking around looking (something) like this:


Hypnotherapy to feel happier 2 



Yet most people would prefer to spend more of their time looking and feeling (a bit) like this:


Hypnotherapy to feel happier



(Or something like that!)


And which would you prefer to be?



Do you want to feel happier?


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