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How Do You Change The Way You Feel?


You get home, you’ve had a hell of a day and you feel stressed. You’re wound up, anxious, frustrated and tired. Maybe the people you work with have been a pain or haven’t done what they should have. Maybe your boss has been giving you grief. Maybe you just have too much to do so no matter how many hours you put in, the inbox keeps over-flowing.


Or maybe the kids have been a nightmare by making a mess, not listening to you, refusing to do as they are told, having tantrums…


Or maybe you just need something to help you unwind, relax and let go of the day; a bit of ‘me-time’ to switch off your brain and forget about all that stress and anxiety.


So how do you change the way you feel and get rid of that stress, anxiety and those other unwelcome emotions?


Many people I work with turn to alcohol, food, smoking, drugs, gambling, the internet or shopping to help change the way they feel.


And this isn’t a problem in moderation where you keep control over when and how you use an external means to change how you feel.


Yet for many, what starts as a simple means to let go of stress, anxiety and other feelings becomes more of an issue. Maybe that occasional glass of wine after a hard day has become at least a glass every night because you need it to unwind.


Maybe the sweets, chocolate and unhealthy treats have become more of an evening routine. Or you find yourself losing hours on the internet instead of getting on with those other things you need to do. Or maybe you find yourself getting through those cigarettes even faster and that nasty cough seems to be getting worse.


FACT: if you are using an external means to change the way you feel then you are no longer in control of your emotions and feelings.


It’s like putting a sticking plaster over the real issue.


Because if you retake control over how you feel and find ways to feel good more of the time then those things become more of a choice – you can choose to have them when you want to rather than relying on them to help you through.


So wouldn’t it be better to sort out that old stress and anxiety and feel the freedom of being in control?


Do you know someone who needs help to end their reliance on drink, drugs or food to manage their stress & anxiety?


I’d love to know what you do to manage your stress and anxiety – why not comment below or e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let me know!



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