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Are there enough hours in your day?


We all have lots of things to do. Our inbox is always being bombarded and our to do list seems never ending and ever growing. Sometimes it can seem as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done.


When everything feels like you need to see it all done before you can pause, it can be easy to start feeling stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed. And despite our best intentions, when we feel this way it gets harder to get things done and we may start lots of things rather than finish anything.


If you don’t have enough hours in your day and want to avoid stress, frustration and feeling overwhelmed then here’s what I suggest:


Number 1 – accept that there will always be things to do! Because there will. There’s no point fighting the inevitable. Besides, to do lists wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have things we need to get done!


Number 2 – get enough sleep. I’ve written before about some ways to promote a good night’s sleep. When we are tired our energy is low, we may feel rattier and it’s easy to slip into a state of despair. So make sure your sleep pattern allows you to recharge your batteries – because in the morning everything seems a bit easier than last thing at night.


Number 3 – decide what is important – most things you need to get done probably won’t even matter a few weeks from now. Decide what must get done today, what you’d like to get done if you have time and what can wait for another day. Then look at your must do list and ask yourself – if I could only get one of these done today which would I do? Then do that one and when it’s finished congratulate yourself. If you have time take another look and ask yourself the same question. Not everything you need to do needs to be done now!


Once you take action on these three things you’ll soon find that your day seems a bit more manageable, you get more done and you feel better in yourself even as you do those things.


Do you, or does someone you know, need help with stress, frustration or overwhelm?


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