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Recently I’ve been helping to run the first ever Beginners Running Group with Ely Runners. We’ve had 40- 50 people turning up each week which has made being involved in the group a fantastic experience.


One thing that you become aware of in a group like this is that everyone has their own goals and reasons for being there. It may be:

  • To get fitter and healthier
  • To get back into sport after a period away
  • To meet people/the social side
  • To try out running and find out if they like it
  • To be able to run a mile without stopping
  • To be able to run 5k without walking


Whatever someone’s fitness levels and whatever sport they do, they will always have some sort of goal in mind or something that they want to achieve. And the more personal it is the more likely they are to push on and achieve it.


I’ve been very impressed with the levels of energy and commitment that the group have been putting in, along with the progress they are making. And I’m sure it won’t be long until they can run further and longer and faster.


Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy

Recently, I’ve also been working with several sports people to help them improve their performance. I’ve been working with runners, footballers, gymnasts, bodybuilders and others.


Because whatever your sport and your goals, you may face issues such as: 

  • Needing more motivation to train, practice or perform
  • Improving confidence and reducing anxiety over competing
  • Recovering strongly after a bad performance or injury
  • Getting in the zone to perform at your best during a competition
  • Getting the positivity and determination to succeed


I’m looking forward to the coming weeks of the running course and watching the runners grow in fitness and confidence. I’m sure they’ll have a fantastic feeling at the end when they complete a 5k race.


Do you need help to improve your sports performance?


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