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Do you have a Fear of Public Speaking?


The fear of public speaking is said to be one of the biggest fears that affects people – in fact, many people will do all they can to avoid ever being in a situation where they need to give a speech, deliver a presentation or speak in front of others.


When I work with people who have a fear of public speaking the sort of things that concern them are:


  • Worry about forgetting what you are talking about or going blank
  • Worry about freezing up or forgetting what you are saying
  • Worry about looking stupid, being boring or people judging you negatively
  • Worry that everyone else knows more than you do
  • Worry about stuttering, shaking or being obviously anxious
  • Worry about things going so badly you let your friends/partner/boss/colleagues down (and in so doing ruining your relationships/career/life)


What most people do is something like this:

  1. Get asked to give a presentation or speech
  2. Start worrying about one or more of the things listed above and then make pictures in their heads about everything that could go wrong, while feeling that worry inside and telling themselves what a disaster it’s going to be
  3. Spend all their time mentally rehearsing things going badly (increasing the worry factor the nearer the time gets)
  4. Go in there feeling worried and put into practice the worries


Now a little bit of adrenaline on the day can be useful to get us pumped up to deliver with energy and focus. However, we need to be able to balance it with calmness, clear thinking and confidence.


I recently worked with someone who had a fear of public speaking and who had agreed to be a best man at his friends’ wedding. Just the thought of the speech would make him anxious – even when it was still over a month away. He was worried about letting his friend down, freezing on the spot and looking nervous and uncomfortable all the way through it.


Using hypnotherapy, we were able to remove that fear and anxiety so he could perform on the day with confidence and calmness. As he put it:


I went to Dan with a fear of public speaking, and a best man speech looming on the horizon. After several sessions, including general therapy, hypnosis and NLP, and using some simple but useful techniques Dan showed me, I was able to calm my nerves and managed to perform on the day. I also have a generally more positive outlook and increased confidence in day to day things” DG, Ely


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