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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – Could It Change Your Life?

It isn’t often that I ask a client if I can publish an e-mail received from them before we’ve finished all of our hypnotherapy sessions together. However, I received an e-mail from one weight loss client recently that both moved and inspired me and I wanted to share it with you.


My client came to see me for weight loss hypnotherapy having struggled with weight loss since her teens. She’d suffered both anorexia and bulimia in the past and still felt her relationship with her self-image, weight and food wasn’t as healthy as it could be.

This is her update after three hypnotherapy sessions together:


“I hope you don't mind me emailing. I went shopping today and bought a pair of trousers. When I got them home I tried them on and the only thing I felt was pure relief at finally wearing clothes that fit properly. That is despite knowing what size I had picked up and seeing the size label when I was trying them on. It was just a number to me. No panic, no self loathing, just the knowledge that the number will eventually be smaller but for now that's what it is and it’s fine. Amazing. Truly remarkable. I can't thank you enough.


Oh, and when I had finished trying the clothes on I fancied something sweet so had one little cake with a cup of tea. Just one cake, after clothes shopping and seeing the reality of my size. And I didn't feel guilty about it, I just had it, enjoyed it and forgot about it. Wow.


I can really feel big changes taking place. I'm so grateful to you. You are remarkably skilled. You might find it difficult to believe, given that I've talked an awful lot in our sessions, but I don't find it easy to admit and discuss my feelings - especially when I'm ashamed by them. You have been so non-judgemental and so confident that I feel that I can trust you and let you help me. So far so wonderfully good!!”


Weight loss hypnotherapy can help with self-image so you can learn to accept yourself as you are now, knowing you will succeed in moving forward towards completing your goals. It can help with cravings, over-eating, comfort eating, exercise and those food habits you’ve developed over time.


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