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Weight Loss Hypnosis in Ely

If you are eating more than you want to and putting on weight then there will be reasons for this, whether it is:


  • Eating too much, too fast or over-generous portion sizes
  • Emotional eating to try and help you feel better about yourself or life
  • Serial dieting so your body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going
  • Eating because you are bored, lonely, stressed, unhappy or tired
  • Lacking the motivation and energy to exercise and do things
  • Or maybe some other reason that pushes you to eat more as a habit


Recently I had a client who had put on several stone following illness and had fallen into habits she felt she couldn’t change with willpower alone – after our first weight loss session she told me she now felt 100% in control around food. Her portion sizes had reduced, she now enjoyed every mouthful and she no longer even wanted desert after a meal as she was already pleasantly satisfied. Her friends (who didn’t know she had seen me) had already commented how she seemed to be glowing, full of energy and looking thinner.


Another recent client discovered that exercise doesn’t have to mean

hours and hours of pain at the gym working out. It can be easy to enjoy increasing the amount we move, fitting into our hectic timetables - he has felt his energy levels soar.


I have been asked by a number of people whether I do ‘gastric band’ or ‘hypno-band’ hypnosis. What I tell them is what I successfully do in practice with clients – weight loss hypnosis and hypnotherapy. To my mind, gastric band hypnosis is essentially like putting a plaster on the problem – it doesn’t solve the underlying issues but it covers them up for a bit.


With gastric band hypnosis, the therapist uses hypnosis and then suggests that you have had surgery to insert a gastric band. The hoped for result is that you will feel that your stomach is smaller so you will consume less.


However, fine as that may (or may not) sound (if it works), if you are still craving food to make you feel better or trying to eat more than you need to clean your plate, it seems to me the end result is a conflict between the part of your mind that thinks your stomach is restricted so says eat less and the part of you eat to feel better or because your bored (or whatever those habits and behaviours are).


Surely it’s far better to sort the problem itself so you:


  • No longer need to turn to food emotionally when you are sad, tired or stressed
  • Can move more easily and exercise more
  • Can control those cravings that seemed to control you
  • Eat the right amounts for you, stopping when you are full
  • Can enjoy your food, knowing you are in complete control


Are you are ready to change your eating habits and get the weight loss results you want so you can feel and look good, and take back control around food?


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