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Two Crucial Steps for Successful Weight Loss


When clients come to see me about weight loss, one of the first things I want to find out about are their actual goals.


Often people won’t have actually given much thought to making these specific and will talk in general terms about losing some weight or feeling and looking better than they consider they do now. They may also talk about

cutting down on ‘bad’ foods and that maybe they should exercise a bit more than they currently do.


How will you know when you’ve hit your goal?


If you want to achieve your weight loss goal then you need to get specific and be clear about exactly what you are aiming towards – that way you can know for certain when you get there and whether what you are doing is keeping you on target.


I’ve met many people both inside and outside hypnotherapy sessions who suffer from ‘goal creep’ around weight loss – they aren’t clear about where they want to be and so unsurprisingly never get there (and the goalposts keep moving) until eventually they become despondent or simply give up.


If you want to achieve weight loss then you need to decide your end goal (making sure it’s realistic and healthy) and make it specific enough so you’ll know when you get there and can enjoy the good feelings that come with that success.


Where do you need to focus for the best results?


It’s often said that if you keep doing what you’ve always done then you’ll get what you always got. So you need to know what needs to change. That’s where a food diary comes in.


Write down everything (and by that I mean everything!) you eat and drink each day. It need only take a few minutes a day to do this.


This will give you a clear understanding of where to focus your efforts to achieve your goal – many people who just rely on their perception of what the problem is without doing a food diary find that they aren’t focusing where the real issue lies.


For example, I recently had a client who told me she couldn’t stomach water and rarely drank any, preferring instead fruit juice and fizzy drinks. She thought that she was probably dehydrated and that was causing her to eat more. Two weeks completing a food diary showed that this wasn’t actually correct and that she did drink lots of water throughout the day.


Another client told me she snacked on unhealthy foods throughout the day because they were easy and convenient. Again the food diary showed that aside from the occasional ‘unhealthy’ food she mainly had fruit when snacking. Her issue was less about what she was eating and more about her sedentary lifestyle which involved very little walking or other exercise.


Two crucial steps for successful weight loss


So in summary, as first steps towards achieving the health and weight you want I would always suggest:


1.Make your weight loss goal is specific enough so you can know when you are successful (and can check you are on course); and


2.Keep a food diary so you know where you need to focus your efforts


If you take these two steps then you’ll soon find yourself moving towards your weight loss target.


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