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Goal Set and Goal Get

Have you ever set a goal and missed, and then set it again and missed again and then set it again……? How tough is it to always fall just short and have to tell yourself maybe next time?


I once set a goal twelve times over four years before I finally achieved it. My target was specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed but there was something missing that stopped me succeeding.


My personal goal was to run under 40 minutes for a 10k race. Tough yet achievable. All I really needed to do was run about 5 seconds a mile quicker – that didn’t seem like too much to ask. Yet try as I might I couldn’t ever quite deliver on race day. On one occasion I missed by goal by one second – one second too many in

2,401 seconds of running.


My planning and preparation could be perfect but on race day something would always pop into my mind that caused uncertainty. It could be a niggle, or maybe my stomach would start to churn, perhaps the weather was too hot that day, or too cold – whatever the reason I invented this would have to be a practice attempt and next time I would hit my goal.


However, using hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy techniques I was able to banish any doubt, fear or defeating self talk. And the very next race I hit my target comfortably.


As a starting point, once you have your specific goal, close your eyes and see yourself achieving it like you are watching it on a movie screen. Really get a feel for that you on screen achieving the goal and notice all the sounds present. Make sure it is exactly how you want it to be.


Then step into the movie so you are looking through your own eyes. See what you’ll be seeing, hear what you are hearing and feel what you are feeling having achieved that goal. And then intensifying the feelings, make the picture brighter and bigger and notice that your self talk is positive and inspiring.


Then step out of the picture and imagine inserting it into your future exactly at the date and time you will achieve it, knowing that it's just waiting for you to make it real.


At Ely Mind Coaching & Hypnotherapy, we have loads of techniques that lead to successfully achieving goals in every area of your life.


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