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When I talk to people about hypnosis, one of the most common concerns they have is about a loss of control. They imagine that, for whatever reason, I would want them to enjoy a deep state of hypnosis so they can cluck like a chicken or sing like Elvis.


These misapprehensions seem to generally come from having seen or heard about stage shows where the hypnotist seemingly makes a member of the audience do silly things. Stage shows are just that – shows – those who volunteer would probably do the silly acts anyway for an audience and there are selection processes before the start as well as the social pressure to do just as the hypnotist suggests or risk ruining the entire night for everyone.


My clients tell me they love the feeling of relaxation they get from trance and are surprised to find how aware they are throughout the session.


When I ask them what hypnosis is like for them they respond with descriptions such as:


“Very relaxing – even better than a hot bath with candles!”


“I felt very relaxed and calm – my mind was clear and able to focus on what I wanted to achieve, without actually having to think about it.”


“I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end.”


For me, when I

am hypnotised it allows me to forget about my surroundings and increase my awareness of my internal thoughts, feelings and pictures. It’s similar to looking out of a train window lost in thought as the scenery passes by, only my eyes are closed and my thoughts more directed towards my outcome.


Hypnosis is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation, during which we allow ourselves to become inwardly focused. You cannot be ‘made’ to do anything that doesn’t fit with your values and beliefs and if you wanted to you could simply open your eyes and ‘wake up’ at any point.


The fact is, if you had conscious control over your issue, you would have decided to stop doing it long ago. The fact you cannot must mean that your mind is running these thoughts and feelings at an unconscious level.


Hypnosis works directly with your unconscious mind to help you find the resources you need to let go of your issue and replace it with empowering new ways of acting and reacting. How would it feel to be free of your issue for good?


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